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Rabbi Josh Zebberman, MFT, is available to inspire your community with lectures, study groups, presentations, and keynotes. Bookings can be for in-person events as well as virtual gatherings. Rabbi Josh's talks and titles can be customized toward your community's needs and style. Just fill out the brief form below.

Here are some sample subjects and titles;

  • Ethics

Dropping Jealousy - 3 simple tools

Dropping Resentment - healthy judgment

> To Say Something or Not to Say Something? - How to be an effective critic 

  • Relationships

> Intimacy - Getting to 'know' your spouse

> Be Present, Not Perfect - How the quest for perfection destroys marriages

  • Spirituality

Prayer & Intimacy - how the Siddur's daily exercise can enhance your spiritual sensitivity and relationships.

> Advice for the Perplexed - The value of answering "yourself", not just your questions. 

  • Religion

> Why your actions actually matter

> Messages from the Torah Portion that talk to the heart, mind, and soul

> Messages about current holidays that talk to the heart, mind, and soul

  • History & Knowledge

> The Kaddish: Its history and impact on your loved ones

> Smicha: What is a Rabbi? Learn the ancient history and modern development of becoming a Rabbi and the relevance of ancient texts. 

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